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Black Water

Who we are

A new way to disinfect your water

EMOD ​​is a US-based firm dedicated to the innovation and development of specialized technology for water, offering unique systems and services in the market, custom-designed and with the sole objective of meeting the needs of our customers. With the help of our Mexican manufacturing partners, we create electrolytic systems that produce powerful disinfectant mixes on-site, using a patented and automated process for the disinfection of any body of water, swimming pools, treatment plants, water wells, lakes, etc.

At the same time, we are distributors of chemical products for swimming pools, treatment plants, or lakes, such as algaecides, clarifiers, flocculants, pH adjusters. 

Our Mission

At EMOD we are focused on offering a best-in-class disinfection solution applying innovative technology to generate savings, create safe working environments, and protect the environment.

Our Perspective

EMOD ​​considers its clients to be strategic allies. We provide a viable option that offers solutions and services based mainly on innovation, service, and quality that exceed their expectations, meeting the needs of its consumers at all times and protecting the environment.

We Value:

  • Research and technological innovation

  • Quality in products and services

  • Loyalty and Honesty that ensure the integrity of the company

  • Support for the social environment in which you are

  • Responsibility for the environment

Our Mission


How do we compare to other Onsite Mixed Oxidant Generators?

Hardness < 150-300 ppmEMOD operates efficiently with feedwater with a hardness of  150 ppm up to 300 ppm.

50% Less Power -EMOD operates efficiently with common table salt (97% purity). No need for expensive ultra-pure salt.

Common table saltWe offer the highest quality at 1.4 kWh/lb of FAC, EMOD consumes 50% less power than its competitors' products.

Why Emod?

Our Clients

We at EMOD are proud to serve our clients through premium customer care. Our technology and service are just a couple of the reasons why we're fortunate to work with businesses and organizations from a wide spectrum of sectors. Here are some of the valued clients whom we've served in the past. Complete our customer survey today to join the ranks of other EMOD's satisfied clients. 

Our Clients
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